One Year Warranty

We protect your trust on MIDAS

MIDAS offer 1 year warranty for every single component you purchased. For thoese situation that the components fail to meet manufacturer specifications, we will either replace the parts or refund the purchase price.

Customized packing requriement if needed

Our people in warehouse are all well trained to follow customer's packing requirement. To easy recognition and saving your time for warehouse when receiving the cargos, MaxTtronic could help to customize and pack the cargos.

Delivery guarantee and order tracking

We negotiate together and follow your instruction on deliver your order. Every firm dispatch date will be respected, you will receive a email with detailed tracking no. and all necessary documents.

Incoming Inspection Process

5 Steps to control our quailty:

Step 1 - Procurement& Supplier Selection
Step 2 - Receiving, Inspection & Examination
Step 3 - Visual inspection via high-resolution digital Photography

Step 4 - Compare with manufacturer's Specification
Step 5 - Traceability Requirements

One Year Warranty

X-Ray Testing

We use X-Ray Testing to inspect and verify the authenticity of the component. We ensure that all components are new and original before shipping


We will able to offer a testing report about functionality if customer are worrying about the quality of some parts without original package or in old date code


Our decapsulation process offers effective decapsulation of IC packages, gaining access to the die inside, necessary for electrical testing, counterfeit prevention, and more

Tape & Reeling

As an added service, we can Tape and Reel components to save our clients valuable time and money when manufacturing